image A Night Like This

A Night Like This


  1. Hi Rabirius. I’ve just nominated you for the Reality Blog Award. Please feel free to accept or decline as I know these things take time that we can’t all spare. Either way, I enjoy your blog and wanted to share it with a few others too. Thanks.

    • Hello Jackie,
      thank you very much for the nomination…
      …as I am quite new to blogging (I started my blog about a month ago) – is there anywhere were I can find some information about the award?


      • Hi Rabirius. I have just the information I’ve already given you. I’ve not taken it too seriously and seen it as an opportunity to publish a different type of post and tell some fellow bloggers that I enjoy their work.

        Best wishes


  2. THis is a fabulous creation. Really works well in monochrome. Love the use of a solid white to highlight architectural features. Well done.

  3. Wow, my favorite of yours so far, I love it!! It really captures the busyness of night time in the city, I can almost hear it 🙂


  4. special image for me , you know why? because of the star in the right corner. You created a city saw from a different ‘ angle’ but you still made it real because of the star. I kept looking at this work and i find it attractive to keep looking at it.It is almost an enter in a city to expect something. Would love to see this image very very large 🙂

    • Thank you for the compliment.

      Some of the collage pictures I had printed and they look a lot better when they’re big, because you can see all the details…
      …but on the internet it sadly isn’t possible.


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