Please, Call!!!

Please, Call!!!

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43 responses to “Please, Call!!!”

  1. Ancient and modern, nicely composed!
    Noticing the dark stains on the right sides of the niche, I can see the many travel soiled elbows leaning in to call… handset shouldered to the ear and a wary eye on the street as the left hand dials…
    Either that or a bird nested there.


  2. I love this! You are a wonderful photographer, I am seeing your work so different from what is out there. Very interesting how you manipulate the image. Not sure if that is the right word I am not a photographer, but your techniques are very interesting.


      • I really cannot believe that is the nicest compliment! You know I have learned that many are not good about expressing how they feel if it is for something positive. I sure do read a lot of negative things people feel. If the world would just concentrate on the positive and lifting on another up it would be a better place indeed.


      • Well, there were some compliments that I really appreciated – but you’re compliment hit the mark on what I try to achieve with my photographs…


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