Everybody Walked Away

Everybody Walks Away

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24 responses to “Everybody Walked Away”

  1. I like the color and composition, but the narrative implied by the title seems better served from a different angle of the table and chairs. You want to find where they seem to have fallen away from the center to capture the exit as the last moment of the event. This angle feels too clumped to me. I suppose that is a different approach to the leaving. Still, you know I am an ass.


    • …well, I like the emptiness of the picture. There also is a version with the chairs and tables at the center – but that looks too conventional.
      I was fist thinking about setting the title in the past – but I think the present makes it more general and so I went for that.


      • I got you. I reject the centering as well. And the emptiness is great. But that makes me yearn the more for the chairs to feel isolated as the group is now so. What I meant is that the table– even off center– is the center of the event from which walking away happens. I was wondering if more feeling of awayness was available from a different angle. These shots are so often staged for effect. You work in found objects and I admire that. But that makes it more of a challenge for you to find the point of absolute kinetic energy to be revealed in a static moment captured. Man, who am I telling this to… you do you. It is all good.


      • Well, I love pictures that allow you to create your own narrative. A thoughtful title can only enhance that. Who’s walking away? The sitters at the table? The passers-by who don’t mind or don’t care or are embarrassed by the untidiness? Is the violent flinging away of the chairs by human agency or natural?

        Oh, and I like the composition too: the off-centre placement of the furniture leaves a space to the right in which to place the possible action that a narrative implies. A very arresting image.


      • Thank you both for your criticism.
        Good or bad, I think it always gives you a chance to slowly enhance your work.



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