Mainhattan Skyline

Mainhattan Skyline

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30 responses to “Mainhattan Skyline”

    • Thank you very much for the compliment.
      I tried several versions with the focus on different parts of the picture – but I think the focus on the leaves was the best choice.


  1. So close and yet so far away sensation, greenery strikes you in the face as being right in front of you and gives you a window to look out into the mysterious city… just love the contrast – could also represent today and yesterday concepts


    • Thank you very much for your nice compliment.
      I played a bit with the focus – but I think setting it on the leaves in the foreground was the best choice.


  2. Your green adds so much to this concrete jungle of the technopolis ruled by the dictatorship of the clock. I was born on Staten Island but parents moved to Miami when I was 5 and been here ever since. This is a place where EVERYTHING is green and growing the year round.


    • Thank you.
      I wanted to present a somewhat different view of the skyline and so I got the idea to photograph it through the trees.



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