As White As Chalk

As White As Chalk

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34 responses to “As White As Chalk”

    • …well, this is not the beach – I took the picture in Pamukkale – so this is a rock made of chalk with little pools from where the water runs down the rocks…

      …I also don’t like to lay on a beach – but like to walk by the water.


  1. Really funny shot; somehow the overdose of white gives a Pop-Art-feel to the scene, together with the way the figures are posing. Very nice!


    • When I came to Pamukkale I first thought it was too crowded – but then I noticed that the people there were very funny – and so I took the picture.
      Thanks for the compliment!


    • Thank you.
      Well, that was very simple – as the basic picture was already very white due to the chalky rocks I made a monochrome HDR and later reduced the blacks with the histogram and a few other tools. (I probably didn’t use the right terms – my photoshop version is not in English so I’m not sure how they call it there.)


  2. My impression is that this is a winter landscape and the bathers look a little ignorant of it. They have a great time and the guy’s swimsuit is very interesting.


    • They must be very tough if they go out like this in winter…
      …I did’t the photography in Pamukkale – so it is chalk and not snow – and the temperatures were mild, as far as I remember.

      But yes, one can see it as snow as well.


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