Under The Spell Of The Eagle Eye

Under The Spell Of The Eagle Eye

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37 responses to “Under The Spell Of The Eagle Eye”

    • Well, I am not sure I can remember everything in detail and know the correct terms in photoshop (I don’t use an English localization) – but basically I took the picture of the Eagle and the picture of the landscapes, processed them as HDR so they looked the same. Then I cut out the Eagle, put it on the landscape, added a nearly unnoticeable shadow and mixed it together with a picture with some structure. (I always photograph some structures and surfaces I can mix in some pictures to get some grunge or vintage effects). Then I reduced everything to one layer, reduced the colour and processed it again as a HDR and adjusted the colour.
      So, basically, nothing to complicated.



      • And lots of back and forth within steps to get the effect and alignment your soul sought. This is an example of the hard work dedicated artists have done since the first cave to produce a beautiful work which seems so whole cloth and could have never been any other way. Tip of the hat to you.


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