Snow On The Mountain Tops

Snow On The Mountain Tops

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40 responses to “Snow On The Mountain Tops”

  1. What is your relation with this city? I’ve been there few times and stayed three month. It was lovely city by that time with pink buildings, nice people and a lot of history. It was great time and I still have o lot of memory.


    • When were you there?

      I just visited Armenia for the first time. At first I thought the city was too crowded and noisy in the centre. But after you go a little out of the centre you will find a lot of nice parks and mores quiet zones, so that, in the end, I liked it very much.
      Also, the city is like an open air sculpture museum – which I liked a lot – and I will probably post some mores pictures later.

      The people where very nice everywhere – and as I speak neither Armenien nor Russian – they were always willing to interpret my wild gesticulations – and if that didn’t help, even call someone who speaks English.

      So I had a very good time in Yerevan and Armenia.


      • I visited this city on 1986. You are right about city sculptures – it looks like a museum. One more museum impressed me. It was the Museum of Children Art there by that time. There was the great collection of children’s painting from more then 50 countries.


      • I didn’t visit so many museums – only Parajanov and the Scipture Museum – the weather was
        too nice to stay indoors – but there is a lot to discover in the city anyway.
        But I think since 1986 the city has probably changed a lot and became very modern.


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