The Size Of A Cow

The Size Of A Cow

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22 responses to “The Size Of A Cow”

  1. They can be huge ; ) my dog once barked at these – the next time the whole group Mooo – ed at us as we approached.. ; )


  2. Excellent shot! The details on the horns… I’d likely be impaled and he’d be back to munching grass before my last gasp and thump to the ground. Cows are not my favorite creatures; I’m always convinced they’re just a bit too casual, and more knowing than they let on… cows and clowns I usually avoid -_-


  3. This is the third time I’m looking at this one; and now I think I know what fascinates me (part from the composition and the colors). You somehow enhanced the texture quite strong; which took away depth. Now the image shows 3 rather flat surfaces and one of them looks a lot like a cow. (:)) Like it more than a ‘like’!


    • Thank you very much for your very lovely compliment.

      I like to work with pictures a lot and try to turn them into something that has a different effect than the original picture. (Well, not always but in a lot of cases.)



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