Elle Est En Vogue

Elle Est En Vogue

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19 responses to “Elle Est En Vogue”

  1. Excellent.. are each of the magazines a separate image? Amazing detail, this must have taken a long while


  2. oh, did this take me back to my early days living in NY, especially Manahattan. back in the day EVERYTHING happened on the street, every 3rd or 4th street corner would have a newspaper stand just like this, so chock full of every newspaper and magazine hung from the canopy like this one in your incredible photograph.

    and just like the renowned cabbies back then, the newspaper man always had a good story to tell, thank you for the trip in the way-back machine for these fond memories.


    • You’re welcome!

      And thank you for your little story. It is a great compliment for me if a picture can trigger someones memories.

      Have a wonderful week!



  3. Your work is fantastic. I could have commented on all of them, but I liked this one because it’s a little monument to vanity – from the Mona Lisa to women’s magazines across several decades, it seems. And are the small round items (3 for 10 euros) vanity mirrors? Perhaps. As soon as I saw this, I knew it was Paris – those green boxes by the Seine distract you from the cityscape, don’t they?


    • Thank you very much for your nice comment, Safia.

      Yes, those green booths by the Seine really distract you from the cityscape – when I would have chosen a wider frame you would see Notre Dame on the other side of the river 🙂
      If I remember correctly, the small round things were vanity mirrors. Very well spotted. (That also goes for the Mona Lisa.)



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