Get Into The Groove

Get Into The Groove

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19 responses to “Get Into The Groove”

  1. Interesting treatment of a street scene. I’d love to know what they were playing – would it be classified as jazz or folk music. The guy in the foreground is really going for it 🙂


    • Thank you for the compliment.
      Actually, it was Armenian folk music – I took the picture at the monastery of Geghard – and there was this little music group playing for the tourists.


  2. Hi rabirius! I’ve given you the One Lovely Blog Award because your blog is a delight to my eyes and an inspiration to my spirit. I love your images and your humor; they leap off the screen. I hope you will consider this a big thank you and pay it forward to someone who delights you. If you aren’t into this sort of thing, then just know that someone out here admires your work.

    kat at synkroniciti


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