A Pomegranate In Black & White

A Pomegranate In Black & White

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24 responses to “A Pomegranate In Black & White”

  1. I must say that B & W shades can bring great perspectives to many objects, for me it is totally wasted on a pomegranate. The latter needs colour to come alive. And how do you stay alive thereafter??



    • Hallo Shakti,

      thank you for your comment.
      Probably in this day and age one would photograph a pomegranate in colour – but I think the interesting thing to try is to do it differently. That brings out other aspects of the object, like in this case the contrasts and shapes. And this is what I try to achieve with some of my pictures: to try and find other aspects, points of view or details that you usually won’t notice.



    • If I managed to show you the pomegranate like you have never thought of it I think I managed to achieve what I tried to do with this picture. Thank you very much for that compliment!



    • Thank you for the compliment.
      Actually, the pomegranate was laying on a table and in the background you see part of the wall…
      …it was a gift from a nice man I got to know at Hasankeyf – so the pomegranate was eaten later 🙂



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