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32 responses to “Skullflower”

      • you ruined a beautiful flower is all…. its cool to change them like you usually do, I just love flowers!!! 🙂 and I was in a pissy mood yesterday, sorry I took it out on you!!! I have a friend tho who would have loved it, she loves all things skull related.. would like to be a zombie…hahaha have a great day!! 🙂


      • You know what: Come back tomorrow and I will post a beautiful pink flower for you…

        …I was experimenting a bit with melting two pictures together – and the skull just fitted perfectly.


  1. Now this is interesting, Rabirius! The contrasting look of the delicate flower and the demon-like face is excellently captured. Remind me of the saying — ‘All that glitters is not gold’ 🙂 Very nicely conceptualized.


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