image Who’s That Man?

Who's That Man?


    • As I just learned from the comments, it’s Isak Samokovlija – a Bosnian Jewish writer…
      …I just looked it up at Wikipedia and there even is a picture of the original statue. (I could have looked of the name myself – I guess I was too busy taking pictures 🙂 )

      • Well, now we both know! : ) Wiki was asking for donations. 175 staff members for 5 million users or something. I use them frequently so I kicked in. Did you get the request?

      • No, I didn’t notice it…
        …but I usually use them for linking if I don’t find something else.
        I never really trust them – so when I need a dictionary I usually use an old-fashioned one.

      • I agree on the dependability as it is comprised of facts that are not always verified but generally a good source for rapid info.

      • …yes, for some basic fact it is okay – though I read today that they started to cancel a lot of accounts of editors who were suspected of using it for PR purposes and the link…
        …looks that they are now trying to improve the quality. (-:

    • Thank you very much for the information.
      I guess I was too busy taking pictures in Sarajevo, that I forgot to look what I had taken from time to time.


      • Don’t worry I didn’t know about him untill you put this photograph either .It was fun to to see you are very close to Komiza . There are alot of things here that we missed to photograph so maybe you will fill the gaps.

      • Thank you.
        I mainly went to Sarajevo for work – and only had a couple of days to travel around and therefore stayed in Bosnia and Herzegovina. But now that I got a taste of that region I would really like to see more – so it might well be that I will travel to Croatia next year…
        …I will send you my Komiza pictures then.


    • I think it is always funny when you see someone (or a picture / statue) of someone you thing you know.
      But actually he was a Bosnian poet. You will find the link to his wiki page further up.


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