On The Other Side Of You

On The Other Side Of You

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17 responses to “On The Other Side Of You”

  1. Dear Rabirius, first I loved your new looking of your blog… And second, I am sorry that I can’t catch on time all these beautiful happenings in this blogging world. And finally, fascinated me what you did with (my) Bosphorus… Fascinated me once again… So beautiful. Thank you, Blessing and happiness, love, nia


    • Dear Nia,
      thank you very much for your nice compliments.
      Now I am back from my trip to Istanbul – so I will post some more pictures in the coming week. (I just posted another one I took in Istanbul just now.)
      Having visited the city a couple of times now, I started to venture out more and more and always find some more interesting places, that you won’t find in travel books. And of cause, there are also a lot of motives to photograph…



      • I can almost understand you dear Rabirius, I am living in this city but always I can learn, explore, find, live something new…. I am glad you had a nice collection of my city. Your thirsty kitten fascinated me 🙂 You are welcome, have a nice day, love, nia


      • …yes, I always discover something new…
        …as I sometimes meet some people for work in Istanbul I sometimes end up in parts where you normally don’t go when you don’t live there – and also friends sometimes take me out to some special places.
        This time, though, I had a closer look at Sultanahmet and had a closer look at the tourist attractions. And when I tried to get in the Sultanahmet mosque there was a service – and then I noticed someone forgot to turn of the tap and the kitten was drinking from it. So I slowly went closer and took a couple of snaps. The one I posted here is probably the best one.

        Thanks and greetings,


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