A Book Of Photographs

So here it is. The fist book with photographs by rabirius.

I decided to make a book of some of the best pictures I previously published on this blog – and it was tough to select the right ones for this book.

The pictures are roughly centred around the theme of nature (Animals, Landscapes) vs. civilisation (Cityscapes, Street Photography) with a Montage section in the middle.

While civilisation destroys nature and nature tries to recover the two are in constant flux – which is what the book as a whole suggests.

Here is the link to the PRINTED VERSION.

And an eBOOK VERSION can be found here.


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81 responses to “A Book Of Photographs”

    • Thank you.
      Well, the Carp was one of my very first posts…
      …well hidden somewhere in the timeline.

      But the book was also a good possibility to revisit some of the pictures previously posted.


    • Thank you!
      Well, a photograph was once published in a blurb book – and I when I decided to do a book I thought they might actually be a good choice because they distribute their books internationally…
      …it is a bit complicated to understand how everything works – but all in all I think it was a good choice.


  1. Some great news, what of an accomplishment! Publishing a book is harder than preparing an exhibition I guess…
    It will surely be a success, your work is so creative and wonderful!


  2. You should mention that the eBook is free. Using Google Translate it only took me a half hour to download it. Love the Carp, I’ll look at the rest later. Thank you!


  3. Many thanks for your gift! I enjoyed the pic of poppies before the thunderstorm and the red queen!! impressive work overall! Congrats!


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