Jellyfish Conquer The Sky

Jellyfish Conquer The Sky

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80 responses to “Jellyfish Conquer The Sky”

  1. i can barely read a story from this one. rabirius,your photos take my imagination to higher n higher levels 🙂


  2. Great pictures of Jellyfish. I think that a picture of a jellyfish must have been used in the pilot episode of Star Trek The Next Generation. They were used as aliens.


  3. Unbelievably stunning. I can honestly say the purest joy of discovery since joinging WordPress has been learning of Rabirius. This image is spectacular! Thank you!


  4. Much to appreciate. But jellies in the sky – I like that idea. Like notions that upset the cart a bit (new things make more new things). I’m a writer, not visual artist but I’ve developed a taste for some kind of image as a stepping off point for what I write. Maybe I just like to visually entertain myself. Lots & lots here to navigate. Write, read, visit webs… getting to be a busy life. Glad folks like you keep stirring the pot.

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    • Thank you, Neil.
      I think a lot of visual art tells a story as well – or at least can trigger a story on your head.
      With most of my montages I try to create a scene that is part of some kind of narrative I have in my head.


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