Fishing For Compliments

Fishing For Compliments

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52 responses to “Fishing For Compliments”

      • Opps, forgive my sloppy typo.
        I meant which camera first? As in the thought for the what you were about to do and the Title. Or an image that morphed into the final presentation I viewed and then the Title?


      • Ah, okay. But now you wrote camera again…
        …but I think you mean came, right.

        Well, usually I have some picture in mind I want to create with the pictures I’ve taken. In that process I mostly think about titles…
        …but then it doesn’t always work the way I want it too – so when the outcome is too different I have to find a new title.

        Here the expression “Fishing for Compliments” somehow brought the idea for the picture, in a way.



      • It really is different with all my pictures. Sometimes it is the photos I’ve taken – but others were also inspired by dreams, music, all kinds of things really…


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