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29 responses to “Starman”

  1. Oh.. I’d be more afraid about that halo all around him.. Maybe it’d interfere with several devices, causing our Pcs to stop! Which, sometimes, wouldn’t be so bad 😀 😀


  2. Love Bowie but if you don’t mind a word of caution (and then I proceed w/o your ok) beware titles which are so literal as to be redundant which then runs risk of diminishing the art rather than expanding it. For example, the actual lyric as a title expands the art and leads to the song title as part of the expansion. I hope you get me and know how much I respect your work.


    • …yes, I get what you want to say. However, I didn’t really have Bowie in mind when I named the picture. Actually I saw a guy bump into some xmas-decoration-star and this is how I got the idea.


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