Polar Bear In Distress

Polar Bear In Distress

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37 responses to “Polar Bear In Distress”

    • Yes, you’re right.
      The picture was taken at a zoo – and he was actually playing with the buoy. I just thought he looked like he was in distress, and therefore the title.


      • I knew exactly what you meant! The polar Bears here in the Phila Zoo are hysterical to watch but also very mean and vicious animal. One of the keepers told me he would NEVER EVER turn his back on a Polar Bear! They think we are food : )


      • I never knew it until he told me. I assumed that captive creatures would bond with their feeders but apparently PB do NOT and would rather eat their feeder : )))


    • Hello Mélanie,
      as the scene was taken at a zoo, the bear will be fine now.
      Thanks for your concern.

      I also wish you all the best for the next year.



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