Gütz Persz

Gütz Persz

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15 responses to “Gütz Persz”

  1. GÜTZ is probably an abreviation for “Güterzug” (freight train), PERSZ for “Personenzug” (passenger train). Nevertheless, it is still misterious 🙂


    • Nannus, you’re brilliant!
      I was thinking what that could mean and thought it might be Hungarian – “persz” means “sure” in Hungarian – but then “gütz” (and I also tried without the dots of the umlaut, in case it was just a smudge) doesn’t really have a meaning…
      …but as it is part of a train, what you say makes perfect sense.
      Thank you very much!


      • Its German and since German words, especially compounds, tend to be long, Germans like abreviations, especially law people and officials. We have things like “BAföG” for “Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz” and “StVO” for “Straßenverkehrsordnung”. The “RAW” in the title of my father’s two watercolors on my art blog is for: “Reichsbahnausbesserungswerk” 🙂 Very typical “Beamtendeutsch” (officials’s German).


      • Well, I live in Germany – but with all the abbreviations I always have my problems. Normally I know either the original word or the abbreviation – it probably depends how I heard them used first 🙂
        And I also speak too many languages more or less well – and sometimes I just tumble from one language to the other – so if I see a word I don’t know I always think it must be another language 🙂


      • ü in Germany is either German or Turkish 🙂 On official things like trains it must be German. And if it is not in the dictionary, it must be a Beamtendeutsch-Abkürzung 🙂 So you don’t need to go so far away as Hungary (as Goethe has it: “Sieh, das Gute liegt so nah.”)

        Willst du immer weiter schweifen?
        Sieh, das Gute liegt so nah,
        Lerne nur das Glück ergreifen,
        Denn das Glück ist immer da.”



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