The Thing With Anniversaries…

…is, that my Blog is one year old today. And this was the first picture/post to appear here:


Yes, it all started with a peacock – or so you would think…

…actually, the real reason to start with this blog was a story I had written about a trip to Iran I took in 2012. I was asked to write the

The Bazaar in Tabriz
The Bazaar in Tabriz

piece for a news web site – but then the editor in chief didn’t want to publish it, because I painted a far too positive picture of that country. But he told me that the article was good and that I should use it for my own blog.

Well, I didn’t have a blog at this time.

So I thought about writing a blog. But what should I write about?

I could write a few travel stories? I could write about music? But would I have the time to actually do it?

Finally I decided to post some pictures of my photographic output and different stories from time to time. Well, in the end it mainly became a photo blog, as the ones of you who follow my work will probably have already noticed.

So, a year ago, I thought I shouldn’t start with the Iran story, but with some photographs. That way I could already get some attention before posting the piece the next day.

Now, if I find the time, I try to post a picture a day – but a year ago I started out with posting quite a few…

…and here they are as thumbnails – if you like to see the original post, please click on the images:

Great Balls Of Fur
Great Balls Of Fur
A Conversation
A Conversation
The Walk
Straight Through
The Concert
The Concert
...And The Birds Still Sing
…And The Birds Still Sing
Into The Blue
Into The Blue
On A Bridge
On A Bridge

What I really started to like about blogging is not only the comments I got – which were sometimes very helpful criticism – but also the other blogs I discovered – from stunning photography and art to interesting reports and pieces of news you don’t really find in western media.

What made me very proud was, that I was mentioned in a piece about photo blogs and that there also was and article just about my pictures.

Further, I published my first photo book and now opened a shop where you can acquire some of my pictures as prints. I already linked it to my homepage and my Facebook Fan Page – and I will later add it to the navigation here as well.

But how is my blog doing, after a year?

Looking at the statistics, I posted 349 pictures and articles, I have 1608 followers and my blog was viewed 59515 times. Most of my viewers were from the US (18376), Germany (6392), UK (5406), Canada (2778), Spain (2461), France (2203), Australia (2144),  India (1691), Netherlands (1487), Romania (1379) and Armenia (1182).

The ten most visited posts were: Everything’s Gone Green, A Short Trip To Iran, What Is Hidden Behind The Door?, A Growing Bear Needs His Lunch, The Red Threads, Modern Life Is Rubbish, Jellyfish Conquer The Sky, The Way To New Horizons, Protest and Clouds Are Gathering Over Frankfurt.

The ten most commented posts were: Happy New Year, A Book Of Photographs, Jellyfish Conquer The SkyWhat Is Hidden Behind The Door?The Red ThreadsClouds Are Gathering Over Frankfurt, Coloured Chameleon, 2013 – A Year In One PictureA Short Trip To Iran and Happy Holidays.

So, thank you everyone for visiting my blog and thank you as well for your wonderful posts.


  1. That was funny and sad at the same time, that the editor-in-chief of the news website didn’t want to publish your piece on your trip to Iran because it was too positive! Ah pity the people of Iran and any other country who have to put up with prejudice some people in the media insist on spreading. Bless you Rabirius for simply writing what you experienced.

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy Blog Anniversary! Wow, you have accomplished so much in one short year of blogging. And to think it started with Iran! Much love and much congratulations to you

  3. Congratulations and well done on such a productive and creative year! Your work is always so full of surprise, thoughtful surprise, and such a pleasure.

    How interesting that the editor who rejected your Iran piece is more interested in preserving the status quo of ignorance when it comes to conditions over there . .. I so hope t get there one day soon having heard so many good things about it.

    Best wishes to Rabirius for another wonderful year ahead!

  4. congratulations on your first year! Interesting an editor wouldn’t want to post a positive story??? I’ve only just found your blog but I look forward to seeing more fabulous photos!

  5. Peacock is the national bird of India. It is also found abundantly in our folktales. It is a stunning creature indeed. I am pleased to find the peacock a motif of your blog. Congratulations on the beautiful journey that has only begun!

    • Thank you very much.
      Well, back then I was thinking very hard which picture might be appropriate to post first – and I decided on the peacock, because I think they are very fascinating and beautiful…
      …and about this picture I like that I only took a head shot – because normally one would try to post something where you can see the feathers as well.

  6. Hi Rabirius,

    Congrats on the first anniversary of your blog. I really like the story of how you first got into blogging. It’s a shame the editor couldn’t have been a bit more open-minded and less prejudiced, but at least for you, this was a cloud with a silver lining.
    Looking forward to your next year’s worth of blogging.


    • Hello Vijay,

      thank you for your words.
      Well, originally I was encouraged to write the story and then they had second thoughts – more about the readers.
      But anyway, now I can publish what I want in my blog 🙂


  7. LOVE>LOVE>LOVE your Blog ! Who knew a peacock had such tiny little curled feathers on top! Give us another year!

  8. What a wonderful picture to start off an amazing creative journey for you-Congratulations on your anniversary-I look forward to seeing what you see this coming year! Your work has been very inspiring to me-thank you!

  9. Congratulations on reaching one year! That’s quite an accomplishment. I also wanted to say that I have fallen very far behind on reading your blog. My apologies.

    • Thank you very much for your kind words, Jacky.

      The pictures are all still here – so if you fall behind, you can always find the older posts again…
      …but it happens to me as well, depending on all the kind of things I need to do.

  10. So, what’s up with the editor? Is it normal for that “news” agency to only report on “news” with a particular slant or do they ever report on what actually goes on?

    • Well, I guess nowadays most news media is a commercial enterprise that wants to sell a product…
      …and that is one factor that determines what you read and what you don’t.

      As I can speak several languages I’m always surprised what is reported in one country and not in others. Strange patterns, really…

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