The Rule Of The Lion King

The Rule Of The Lion King

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56 responses to “The Rule Of The Lion King”

      • I can get e-mail notification for your posts dear Rabirius, so it can be understood why I can’t catch you on time 🙂 sorry for this. There is problem with some blogs as yours. But should something with WP…. you are welcome. Love, nia


      • Hello Nia,

        actually, you can get e-mail notification – it is only a bit hidden. You have to go to the top of the page and there you will find 3 taps in the middle. The one on the left has three while lines – when you click on in you will find the menu for the blog.

        Some time ago I tried to change the theme to something where the other options are better shown – but I thought they didn’t really show my pictures in a good way, so I went back to this theme.

        I think the e-mail notifications you have to select under the Widgets in the Appearance menu – but a lot of people don’t really know that and therefore they don’t have the e-mail notifications.

        I usually follow via RSS – for me that is more convenient, because I already get too many newsletters…

        Thanks and greetings,


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