The First Signs Of Spring

The First Signs Of Spring

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41 responses to “The First Signs Of Spring”

  1. Very nice shot.
    I have seen open Japanese cherry flowers already about a week ago. Hawthorn is also already flowering. It is happening incredibly early this year. Here in Cologne, we practically did not have any winter at all. No snow this year and only a few nights with some frost. Obviously, we exported our winter to North America.


    • Yes, I know. In Frankfurt there was no really winter as well. But as I’m not a great fan of winter and my heating is not working properly I was really glad about it.

      Thank you for your compliment, Nannus.


    • Well, in Western Europe was no real winter at all – and though there already was some spring in the air we are no back to rain and all…
      …but from what I heard, you must have had a very hard winter in North America.


  2. Beautiful picture Rabirius! Spring seems far here right now. This added color to an otherwise cold and dull day 💚


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