image Several Observations

Several Observations


  1. Interesting in its many layers. The statue is the result of observations (and the hairstyle and dress of the model is the result of previous observations), the picture of it another. And each crease and each stain is, in a sense, also an observation, a recording of information about some event in the past that happened with that piece of paper. Then you added a layer by taking a picture of it, and finally we observe it.

  2. There is something very pleasing about this perspective of a woman …enigmatic feel I’d like to know more … I love it .

  3. Fenomenala opinia. Właśnie takiego podejścia szukałem.

    Prześlę tę stronę dalej. Zaświadczam że będę tu wchodził.

    Szczęścia w dalszym blogowaniu.

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