A Book Of Animals

So, here it finally is, the second book of photographs by rabirius.

In “A Book Of Photographs“ I explored the relationship between nature and civilisation. My new book takes a look at the casualties of this conflict: THE ANIMALS.

While their natural habitat is reduced every day, some animals flight back with claws, hooves, teeth and horns, while others hide under water or take to the sky.

“A Book Of Animals“ shows some of these brave survivors.

This is the link for the printed version.

And the eBook version can be found here.

And, naturally, “A Book Of Photographs” is still available at my bookstore.


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40 responses to “A Book Of Animals”

  1. Today, I was looking at YouTube at the peacock’s dance. Have you seen that? I have heard that they dance in anticipation of the monsoon rain as well as in
    “courting ” the peahens.


    • Hello Annet. Yes, I remember seeing the dance some years ago on TV.
      But I think it is amazing that the feathers are also protection against animals of prey.


    • Thank you for your wishes.
      Actually, there is some kind of preview, when you go to the book page – and you can see the full first chapter with all the big cats and their claws and teeth.


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