The Woman With The Broken Face

The Woman With The Broken Face

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55 responses to “The Woman With The Broken Face”

    • Thank you, Jackie.
      Yes, it is a bit disturbing – but somehow I think broken dummies very interesting.
      I was once on a market in Eastern Turkey where all the dummies were smashed. But sadly it was very dark, so the pictures were not good. So you can imagine how glad I was to find one in front of a shop in Paris, of all places 🙂


  1. it is great and meaningful image , if one takes the time to observe its beauty and content. Perfect lighting for me and the composition with its depth aside is some good idea to. The image was taken in such away that the nose is only a small detail as you express clearly in your title . Well done , others like this please 🙂 , cheers Bart


  2. hopefully, it’s just a “dummy”… unfortunately, there are lots of real women with broken faces… strong image and deep message… have a great day!


    • Thank you Patti.
      Actually, I especially liked that dummy, because it was broken – I think that makes the photo more special that a perfect one.


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