The New Highway

The New Highway

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16 responses to “The New Highway”

  1. Maybe a little too much message imposed on the art here. It is truly a fine line but I (for whatever my input counts) caution against trying to dictate the viewer’s vision. You are brilliant but a little less is still more.


    • You think it has too much message?
      In what way?

      For me there only was a little meaning that I wanted to bring across – but maybe I used to many elements to do so.


      • First, remember I know and matter not one iota. That said, your title is a remark on progress, as are the asphalt and painted lines of the highway juxtaposed against clearly ancient structures that block the road and contradict the centrality of the focus on the road’s horizon line/turn even with their random colors. The dog is a third element, itself a comment on progress in its scruffiness, thin shadow and odd bright unnatural food item in its maw. So messaging is complex and the road’s arrows seem to point into all of it without purpose. Composition reflects messaging in that the blockage of ghostly buildings draws the eye nowhere in particular while the centerpiece road struggles to maintain some modernity in its curving to the center of the composition. The dog, again, feels like a compositional scrap on top of the rest, all of which together seems more a scrapbook mélange than a successful structure. Thus, I felt too much going on. You have proven mastery at composition and layering, the only reason I raised a voice of criticism. I hope I have not insulted or angered. Most people only want atta-boy’s. You have my respect, the best atta-boy that I have.


      • No, you didn’t insult me in the least.
        I like when people tell me what they think about my pictures – weather they like it or not. Therefore I thank you a lot for your review.



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