Sugar For My Honey

Sugar For My Honey

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35 responses to “Sugar For My Honey”

  1. Is my security setting to strong, but I cannot find the ‘Like it’ button any more? Just wanted to like this photograph of this little creature which our world needs so much but is mall treated and in danger of dying out.


    • The “Like” button should still be there…
      …but I know that – when I change security settings, the internet is hardly usable – and so I have to make it less strong.

      Thank you for the compliment!


      • The main problem about likes and shares not showing up seems to be by a browser problem because in Google Chrome and IE they show up but not in Firfox 31.0. I am looking how I an solve the problem, but did not find good answers yet.


      • In the Reader I have the ‘Reblog’, ‘Comment” and ‘Like’ buttons at the bottom of the short presentation of the articles of people I follow and can like them their, but not on the pages of the people themselves. I wonder if somebody can solve this problem.


      • Comparing the safety settings in the different browsers I found which filter I had to switch of in the ‘filter preferences’. Now it seems to show up and work again.


      • I’m glad that you found that.
        That is the big problem of the internet today – to surf securely you need to use hard security settings – but then nothing works anymore…
        …so one has to find one’s own balance, I think.


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