Renovation Or Destruction?

Renovation Or Destruction

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25 responses to “Renovation Or Destruction?”

    • According to what I heard, beautiful Hasankeyf should be flooded soon…
      …and they want to evacuate some of the historic buildings to an archeological park soon.
      So I guess we have to expect the worst…


    • Me too!
      As you look at my page frequently you will have probably noticed that Hasankeyf pops up here and there all the time – so the place really means a lot to me. For me it is somewhat magical and I’m always so happy when I’m there…
      …but I think the dam will most certainly come – and then it will be the end of beautiful Hansakeyf’s thousands of years long history…
      …but I’m still hoping!


    • Thank you for the link. It is indeed interesting.
      When you dig a bit deeper, you will quickly notice that building dams has a lot more disadvantages than advantages. After my article about Hasankeyf I got so much information about dams all over the world. I also posted an interesting video under the gallery, someone made me aware of. It compares Hasankeyf with a dam in Brazil.
      Yes, lets hope they will only renovate!


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