image The Woman, Her Reflection And The Snake

The Woman, Her Reflection And The Snake


    • But it showed clearly what happened to the mannin Eva. The chavah was taken by the Nachash (deception or temptation = snake or serpent) which she let grow in herself by too much concentrating on herself or wanting to see a reflection of herself. A thing which still happens to day a lot and a matter which is still in many hearts fo man, wanting to be like the Elohim, wanting to play for God.

  1. A fantastic colourful image (plus, its suggestive title can lead to different intertretations which I won’t discuss)!
    Also, thank you for the reference to Saint Phalle, whom I didn’t know and have found very interesting!

  2. I love all the textures.

    There are so many lovely, challenging, thoughtful photos in your blog – I hope you have print copies and that you put out some coffee table books some day.

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