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41 responses to “Trapped”

  1. Terrifying, like a fairytale that grew up and got a job. Since it was a working class Fairytale, princes and princesses weren’t involved, just a dark cobblestone road that matched the dark cobblestone sky,their crushing juxtaposition being the one thing that keeps the world going for fear that these two,inanimate gray slabs of granite rock will come together to grind what little life exist out of their little town.


  2. You have got me into trouble, rabirius. I can see it’s the Citadel in Copenhagen and you have not moved it yet as you did with Gefion. But it cannot last long. It looks like a train moving away.
    It could also mean that Denmark is caught in another war. Really exciting image ⭐
    All the best,


    • Don’t worry, I won’t bring any war to Denmark (or any other place for that matter) – but you should look if the Citadel is still there 🙂
      Thank you very much for your compliment, Hanna.



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