A Responsible Approach

A Responsible Approach

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36 responses to “A Responsible Approach”

  1. Super photo, otters are sacred in many cultures ( e.g., Native American tribes). Happy, happy Holidays and wonderful New Year. Cool photos, moments, health and everything that you wish for yourself and others. Cheers. Wanda 🙂


    Otter: Jan 20 – Feb 18
    A little quirky, and unorthodox, the Otter is a hard one to figure sometimes. Perceived as unconventional, the Otter methods aren’t the first ones chosen to get the job done. This is a big mistake on the part of others – because although unconventional, the Otter’s methods are usually quite effective. Yes, the Otter has unusual way of looking at things, but he/she is equipped with a brilliant imagination and intelligence, allowing him/her an edge over every one else. Often very perceptive and intuitive, the Otter makes a very good friend, and can be very attentive. In a nurturing environment the Otter is sensitive, sympathetic, courageous, and honest. Left to his/her own devices, the Otter can be unscrupulous, lewd, rebellious, and isolated.


    • Thank you very much for your wishes, compliments and all the information about otters. Really interesting.
      I also wish you Happy Holidays and all the best for 2015.


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