My Time Will Come

My Time Will Come

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29 responses to “My Time Will Come”

  1. Her şeyin bir vakti vardır,
    Gelir ve geçer,
    Hayat buya, göz açıp,
    Kapayıncaya kadar biter,
    Dünya allı, pullu bir pencere,
    Her beşer, şaşar bu işe,
    Bakar, aldanır bir süre,
    Süre dolup, vakti geldiğinde,
    Döner, gider, geldiği yere…
    Mustafa Murat Güngör


  2. With so many barriers to the present :worries about money, the job, family, etc…I’ve discovered that by tapping into the spirit of goodwill nascent in all of us, those things will fall away, as do the distinctions of individuality, replaced by a being capable of transcending time and space, capable of being present in all places by being the embodiment of love.


  3. How How … Je viens tout doucement te murmurer à l’oreille un Joyeux Noël pour toi et les tiens 🙂
    Je te fais des gros bisous de Noël ♥


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