Another Journey By Bus

Another Journey By Bus

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24 responses to “Another Journey By Bus”

    • Well, I didn’t come in that bus – I was on the other site of the bay, taking the picture 🙂
      I don’t really like organized tours. I prefer to do it by myself at my own pace.


      • Some simply can not for various reasons: political, economic, health but one can always travel with one’s mind and heart, cheers to all travellers, there is so much to discover within us and in our proximity, just look around. W


      • Yes, of course, there are people who don’t have the means. But the article about the US you sent me is too high – I guess most of the people there just didn’t do it.


      • I wonder why? There is so much to see in the US……….. or perhaps they don’t like to travel outside for many reasons ????, I have learned in my life that the real practice and experience comes from living in some place, travelling and visiting are good but rarely they will give one a full view of this place’s reality, I believe the same applies to many other things. That does not mean that we should taste a poison to know that it is indeed a poison, or kill someone to know what it is to kill. I’m afraid, unfortunately, that’s how the human beings and other beings learn about life. Good night my friend.


      • Certainly, you only know how a place is really like, until you live there.
        People are usually nicer, when you are traveling – but when you live there, your instantly caught up by all the traditions, patterns and whatever makes the society work there. But one cannot live everywhere – so one has to make do with traveling. At least you get a glimpse of that place (unless you spend your whole vacations in a beach resort without interacting with locals).


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