The Framed Camel

The Framed Camel

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46 responses to “The Framed Camel”

      • Thank you for the compliment.
        Well, it really wasn’t my intent to promote any cigarettes with this picture…
        …though maybe I should sell it to Camel – I think I would make some good money with it 🙂

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      • I hope you will still share your photos here after becoming a millionaire with camel-photos 🙂 Or better: Share your millions 🙂 I`m just joking – your pictures are toooooooo good for cigarettes advertising.


      • Of course I will continue sharing photos…
        …sharing money here could be a bit complicated – maybe I would have to switch to bitcoins or something like that 🙂


    • Thank you.
      Well, I didn’t really have anything related to cigarettes in mind, creating this picture…
      …so I hope you will base your decision to smoke or not to smoke on other things as well 🙂


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