See A Man About A Horse

See A Man About A Horse

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40 responses to “See A Man About A Horse”

  1. To see a man about a dog (or see a man about a horse) is an English language colloquialism, usually used as a way to say one needs to apologize for one’s imminent departure or absence – generally euphemistically to conceal one’s true purpose, such as going to use the toilet or going to buy a drink. (British: Powder one’s nose.)


  2. I’m 73 years old and I haven’t heard that phrase since I was in the service back in the early 60’s (1961.)
    Great image!


  3. Never knew the origin of that expression. I always thought it was more generic as in not wanting to explain to somebody where you are going… but that would make sense! As I get older, tracking down restrooms becomes more important so I was attracted to the photo but when I looked at it more closely I saw that you had incorporated what looks to me like a loaded down jeep on the horizon leaving the frame of the photo…. maybe this was their rest stop… I am always telling myself stories!


    • Well, you are not the only one who sees a lot of stories in this picture. 🙂
      Yes, you are right, we make up these phrases so we don’t have to say where we are actually going. 🙂


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