After Hours

After Hours

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52 responses to “After Hours”

  1. Excellent shot,
    I just wonder how to take this photo, another question is how much experince one may need to take such a picture


    • Thank you for your compliment, Mohammad.

      This photo is actually three photos. One of a square in Almaty, one with the man walking and one with the two boys. In the first photo I cut out the different elements and used different blur filters. Then I added the man and the boys, added the shadows and mixed the different layers to get the desired result. In the end I corrected colours, brightness, etc.
      So taking the photos was quite simple (I don’t remember that there were any complicated light conditions, etc.) – though I think for the processing afterwards one needs to have some experience with photoshop.
      If I can give you some tips with photoshop, let me know.


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