Places To Visit – The Brand New Photobook

Written On The Walls

So here it finally is – my new photobook. This time I’ve abandoned the theme of nature versus civilization that my first books revolved around. Though these themes are somewhat still present, it is mainly a book of travel photographs.

But is not one of those travel books that explores one country. Instead it is one of the travel books that documents a journey. The journey took me from Denmark and Sweden to Germany and further to the Balkans with a detour via France and Malta. After visiting Bosnia & Herzegovina and Macedonia the route took me to Cyprus, Moldova, Turkey and then up the Caucasian Mountains in Georgia and Armenia. To complete the journey I traveled over the Caspian Sea to pay a visit to Kazakhstan as well.

But this list of names doesn’t tell you anything about these countries. You don’t learn about the beautiful landscapes with the animals that have found a home there, the great cities with their impressive buildings and monuments and the public places where you can meet other people.

To fill these gaps you can consult a photo book. You can get a sense of the things you miss out on lists of countries and travel maps and explore the countries through the eyes of the photographer.

This book shows you places to visit in these countries, how I have seen and experienced them.

Please order your printed version via Blurb.

Naturally, there is an eBook version as well.

I also handed the eBook in for publication in Apples Bookstore – but I still wait for approval. When it is available there I will post the link to the book website.

My first two book are still free, by the way – so if you haven’t got them now, you still can.

Here are some example pages:

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41 responses to “Places To Visit – The Brand New Photobook”

  1. Thank you for your art.
    I find interest by the way you see the world.
    And another aspect, I find myself looking for clue where the pictures had been photographed. For me it’s like a game.


    • Thank you for your compliments.
      Yes, I also noticed it with friends that they try to guess where the photo was taken – and then they get confused when I combine things from various photos. 🙂


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