A Little Dance

A Little Dance

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36 responses to “A Little Dance”

    • Yes, it is.
      Well, I guess the horse just wanted to eat.
      Later I had to sit on that horse – and as I don’t know how to handle a horse it was running straight to the next place where it could find grass 🙂

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      • Hahaha! Yeah, horses know when they have a novice on their backs 😉 Makes me think of a holiday we had as kids in Spain. We went donkey trekking and my sister’s donkey decided to run off down the side of the mountain with her! She was fine 😉 Usually it’s hard to get a donkey moving, not getting it to stop! It’s a brilliant photograph 🙂


      • Oh that’s so cute! I haven’t seen wild ones anywhere on Kos but it’s a smaller island. I love the goats there 🙂 They herd themselves! Always one with a large bell leading the way. Causes the odd traffic jam but it’s amusing to watch and the scenery is beautiful 😀


      • Well, actually, in Cyprus there is a nature reserve where you find the wild donkeys. I guess something like this is quite rare these days.
        The “goat-jams” I know as well. Not only in Cyprus, but also other parts of Eastern Europe.

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      • Oh how wonderful! There’s a nature reserve on Kos with peacocks, cats, frogs, turtles and tortoise all living in perfect harmony 🙂 I find a lot of butterflies there too! I just love discovering the wildlife in other countries. Haha, goat-jam! Like it 🙂 It’s a real feature of eastern Europe you’re right! If you head out into the countryside in the UK you do get a few cow and sheep jams but they usually come with a human herder. The moorland areas can be interesting here as cattle, horses, goats and sheep are often roaming free to graze the land. Sheep are notorious for sitting in the middle of the road on blind bends 😉


      • I have to admit, that in the UK I mainly visited cities – with maybe Scotland the only exception. But I don’t really remember any animals there – I remember more remote landscapes without any animals. But it has been a long time, before I wend digital (photo-wise).
        But its true, in Western Europe animals normally come with a herder, or they are locked behind fences.


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