Into The Green

Into The Green

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28 responses to “Into The Green”

  1. A photo that took me to look twice, even 3x…
    the green moving-simulation is very nice
    I think i need some more time to understand your photographic & graphic work ,
    to evaluate your art/photo work …
    (I am Dutch, male,58 years old, (Europe, Belgium), My english is not so good… , sorry for that 😦
    But i think that we have some contactpoints in our photo/art here ?


    • Thank you for your compliments, Dirk.
      Don’t worry about your English, it is very good – and I’m not a native speaker either. 🙂
      Yes, you can contact me via the form or social media.


  2. “Viajes al fondo del alsa” brought me here and I am glad about it because I like what I found. Go ahead with it.
    I would like to invite you to have a tea with mint in El zoco del escriba to keep talking about whatever you want.
    Un fuerte abrazo.
    Alberto Mrteh (El zoco del escriba)


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