Feeding The Panthers

Feeding The Panthers

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22 responses to “Feeding The Panthers”

  1. She found them when they were cubs. She hand fed them as they eagerly waited. And the two grew into magnificent beasts.

    She knew it was just a matter of time before they will tire of waiting to be fed; before they lunged and fed themselves.

    She sat calm and ready – to be feasted.


    • Oh dear, Kim – sorry to have planted that macabre version in your mind. I’m trying to be a writer, you see. Keyword “trying”.

      To make amends, here’s another version – hopefully something more palatable. On dear, was that a pun?

      When going through the pain of childbirth, she clung to the memories of that visitation. It was a lovely night to remember. A heavenly experience.

      When the twins were born, the king, outraged, turned his daughter out. And all in the kingdom turned their backs on her, who became known as the Nameless One.

      Little did they know he was a God of the Nile, a prince from the Realms of the Cat, which existed in a parallel universe to the Realms of Man.

      “We will watch over you, mother,” said the twins. “You will never be alone.”

      A promise they kept till the end of times.


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