The Courtyard

The Courtyard

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21 responses to “The Courtyard”

    • Thank you, Marylou.
      Yes, the Taunus mountains are great to take walks – and you also have some sights like old castles, etc. But also the woods and mountains are beautiful.


  1. I’m curious about the paint on the shutters. Seems kind of recent – last 40 years anyway – so where did the roof go? Or if this was MEANT to be open (you did say “courtyard”) then why all the funny shaped windows? This is an odd, odd shot.


    • Well, the fortress burned down – so the roofs are missing in most parts. However, some things were renovated, so you can also climb the tower and go in some rooms. But I took the photo in what was supposed to be the courtyard. So I guess there was never a roof. The shutters were probably repainted. But I have to admit that I kept the red colour so the paint looks probably fresher than it actually does.


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