A Bad Season For Bees

A Bad Season For Bees

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47 responses to “A Bad Season For Bees”

  1. Love our Bee population Rabirius, and do everything I can to ensure I plant lots of bee friendly flowers etc and do not use any pesticides…
    We were lucky enough to have a bees nest under our garden shed last year, and welcomed them with open arms..
    Love your image my friend.. May we all be BEE friendly and aware of the amount of work they do to ensure we do not starve.. ❤


    • Thank you Sue.
      Yes, bees are important and – especially wild bees – are endangered by pesticides that are also used in farming today among other things. So it is great to hear that they found a place in your garden shed.

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  2. Great image! My mother was a professional bee-keeper in Germany – she also kept a hive of bees here in Vancouver area when we were kids. Unfortunately, in the small city lot, the neighbours were afraid of them and complained – so she had to get rid of them. They didn’t like her bzzzness.


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