land.escape – New Exhibition In Frankfurt

Higher Ground

More and more people move to the cities. They get bigger. More crowded. More stressful.

Therefore it is important to escape to the countryside – at least for a short while – to enjoy open space, fresh air, slow pace and stunning views.

My photographic work deals a lot with opposites. Three years ago, I explored Urban Life at Switchboard. Now, returning with a new exhibition, it is time to get out of the city and explore the countryside.

land.escape focuses on open spaces that you only find in the countryside. From the dark woods, over sunny planes to the open sea, I will illustrate the beauty of nature and its mood swings caused by changes of light.

You are invited to meet me at the opening at 7:00 pm on June 6th, at  Switchboard, Alte Gasse 36, 60313 Frankfurt, Germany. The pictures will be shown till August 1st.

I’m looking forward to meet you there.

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