Betreten Der Geleisanlage Verboten

Betreten der Geleisanlage verboten

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21 responses to “Betreten Der Geleisanlage Verboten”

    • Thank you, Ark.
      Well, I noticed, since I use this theme, that the photos are somewhat small. I’m thinking of using a new one soon, but I’m still looking for something I really like…

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      • I tried to find a new theme yesterday and today. But there was always something I didn’t really like. Mostly, it was small images (I already have that, as you know 🙂 ), the others had no grit layout on the homepage (which I like for the photos) or featured images on the posts where I didn’t find the right CSS code to get rid of them. So I guess I’m stuck with Patch, which I basically like, except for the small images. 🙂 Maybe sometime later, there will be something I like – or I find a way to make the content blocks of the new editor more flexible. (The images where bigger where when I still used the old, classic editor.)


  1. Had to Google translate the title…. is “Entering the Track Ban” accurate?

    What a nice weird picture. Such a strange progression this morning – from Heart of the Woods (pure nature) to Cable Conjunctions (human structures) to this one (human becomes unhinged) . ha ha ha ha. I think you are chanelling Dali. This picture deserves a museum spot.


    • Thanks a lot for your compliments, Kim. I seem to go through a more experimental phase at the moment.

      The text is an “entering the track ban”, but I would translate it as “Entering the tracks (or “track system” if you want it more precisely) is prohibited”.


  2. Het ontbreekt me aan tijd, kennis van bewerken en monteren en het is ook niet mijn stijl maar dit is wel een vorm van surrealisme waar ik echt van kan genieten. Een scenario, zo boeiend dat je het eigenlijk op posterformaat zou moeten kunnen bekijken


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