Country Songs

mockART: Country Songs (cover)

I started working on Country Songs more than 10 years ago. I asked people of different countries to send vocal samples I could use for some new tracks. While working on the album I moved to another city, my computer broke, the new one couldn’t handle Photoshop and music software at the same time and so I prioritized photography. Therefore my project mockART took a long break. As you probably know, I already remastered the old mockART albums last year and republished them and I also recorded Living with Human Machines to get back into sonic experimentation. This year I finally found the time to remaster the tracks that were already recorded and to compose and record the missing tracks. So prepare for a journey into experimental sounds, structures and words.

You can download the full album from Bandcamp or stream it via Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and others.

To get into the mood, here are the to latest tracks I recorded. The vocals for Русская народная песня (Russian Folk Song) were provided by Sergei Khukhrov and Shirtless’ Mom was build around vocals by Zan Hoffman.