Country Songs

mockART: Country Songs (cover)

I started working on Country Songs more than 10 years ago. I asked people of different countries to send vocal samples I could use for some new tracks. While working on the album I moved to another city, my computer broke, the new one couldn’t handle Photoshop and music software at the same time and so I prioritized photography. Therefore my project mockART took a long break. As you probably know, I already remastered the old mockART albums last year and republished them and I also recorded Living with Human Machines to get back into sonic experimentation. This year I finally found the time to remaster the tracks that were already recorded and to compose and record the missing tracks. So prepare for a journey into experimental sounds, structures and words.

You can download the full album from Bandcamp or stream it via Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and others.

To get into the mood, here are the to latest tracks I recorded. The vocals for Русская народная песня (Russian Folk Song) were provided by Sergei Khukhrov and Shirtless’ Mom was build around vocals by Zan Hoffman.

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61 responses to “Country Songs”

  1. WOW such a creative being you are Rabirius 🤓 the land looks like Alberta…the music is not the country I know of from here, albeit I’m not always a country fan…these are very different…how lovely I will add to my Spotify…you know I love music too ☺️ sending you joy and thank you for such a wonderful post, again!❣️ smiles hedy

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  2. Has tenido mucho trabajo reeditando estos vídeos. La melodía es completamente diferente. Una creación única que de seguro te va a dar muchas satisfacciones. Felicitaciones amigo por ser tan original. Las fotos, como siempre, geniales.

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  3. A friend of me is playing this kind of mysterious music with his alternative music band. they build up a very good music project : EDOH (Exact Eimensions Of Hell. (once, a pope ask to Gallileo if he could calculate the dimensions of hell… that’s where they found the spirit and the dark music inspiration for their project. Once in a year they give a free concert in a local brown pub, near Brussels. I wil surely forward this link to my friend.
    Thanks for all of this !

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  4. These are really cool and interesting compositions. I was just playing some of the songs at the office and my programmer asked what the music was. I said “Country Songs”. He’s into Country Music (American style) and raised his eyebrows, as that’s not the country sound he’s used to hearing. Then I said folk music and he got it.

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    • Thank you, Timothy. I’m glad you like it.
      Well, the inspiration for the title came from working with people from different countries. So it is more Country Music/Songs in the sense of bringing countries together musically.

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      • You’ve done a great job of it to. You are perfectly right to call it Country Songs. But It’s funny because Country Music in America is so specific. Local tunes are what we call Folk Music, and then Folk Music gets put into various categories like Cajun, Blurgrass, etc. American’s are OCD about categorization. That’s probably why there is so much obsession with identity politics in the US.


  5. These were certainly different and enjoyable my friend, and I am delighted you are able to share them as you have had time to recover those missing tracks..
    Look forward to hearing more music and I subscribed to your channel.. 🙂
    Have a lovely Christmas Break…
    Take care Sue 🙂

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