Water Levels Rising

Water Levels Rising

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52 responses to “Water Levels Rising”

  1. Wonderful feel, curiously compelling. Beautiful sky, I love the light collum. Can’t decide if it is a ghost of tree or aliens coming for the lady in the hat. And a rhino! Can’t ask for more.

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  2. I keep thinking how much they’d appreciate being knee deep in water over in Australia right now. The purpley-blue is so much easier on the eyes (and skin) than the flaming reds we see on the news.

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  3. Yes!

    The water is rising
    The climate is changing
    But real action
    Not complaining
    Is what will really
    Bring some changing!

    But you see …….

    The trillionaire special interests
    Will buy off
    And ensure that
    There is no real climate changing
    Just political finger-pointing
    And complaining!

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  4. I have just finished a novel entitled The Gene Puddle. I am interested in using this photo, Wafer Levels Rising, as a book cover. With your permission, of course. And according to whatever terms you establish. Please let me know what you think.


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