13 14 – New Books Are Out

Cover image of "13 14".

New books? Right. This time I published two books together. Actually, I decided to split the next part of the Archive Series. Though the themes remain the same as in 07 08 09 10 11 12, I began to experiment with different styles of photography and digital processing. It is most apparent in the montages that have become more minimal with backgrounds that often dissolve into lines and patterns. I also changed the layout of the books. While previous books have one photo on one page, I now decided to highlight some of the pictures I think had more significance to my development as an artist.

As you might remember, I had some problems with my name. When I published the previous book I was told that I must have a first name and a last name. But as I’m only rabirius, this posed a bit of a problem. Therefore I changed the publisher. Though they required a first name and a last as well, they at least let me substitute the first name with a dot. So you will find the new books published as . rabirius.

When I got the printed books I was very happy about the quality of the print. Though in the previous books the print was very good, it is now excellent. However, what is not good is the distribution. I was told that it should be available in the major book stores in two weeks or less, the books are still not available, except on Amazon.de and on the site of the publisher. Ironically, the publisher has links to other book stores, but they are not working, as the books are not listed there. So I can recommend epubli only for their print quality, but definitely not for their distribution. Therefore I’m still researching other options for the next book.

If you like to buy the books, here are the links to Part I and Part II. I also selected some sample pages for you: