Living on Video

Living on Video

Today’s post is all about video. Well, mostly. I wanted to share with you the latest videos I produced for my music project mockART and another video for which I filmed some footage. Last but not least I will share a playlist with some exotic tunes to dream yourself away while you are sitting at home due corona.

Lets start with Russian Folk Song (Русская народная песня), the new sigle taken from my latest album Country Songs.

mockART: Russian Folk Song (Cover)

The single will be available on Spotify soon, as well as other streaming platforms like iTunes, Deezer, Tidal, Amazon and Google Music. As promised, the video you can already watch.

The next video is for another track taken from Country Songs. The track is called My Life In Japan (日本での私の人生).

The next video is by Ahl Sina. The band with members from Egypt, Germany and the USA play an interesting crossover where Metal meets Oriental Music. For their latest single No Boundaries/The Fall of Utopia I filmed some footage and therefore I would like to share the video with you as well.

In this day and age where you are not supposed to go out much, due to corona, I thought it would be nice to have something to help me travel in my mind. I thought about creating a playlist with some Exotica sound to dream myself to the jungle, the sea and other far away places. Later I decided to add some Space Age Batchelor Pad Music and extended the journey to outer space. Spiced with some Pop, Electronica, Ambient and other things it became a great means to travel in my mind. As you might spend most of your time at home at the moment as well, I wanted to share the playlist with you and hope you will imagine the most wonderful trip around the world and high above through outer space.

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28 responses to “Living on Video”

    • Well, yes.
      I think the correct name is Candiru (Vandellia cirrhosa) and you find the fish in the Amazons, but he is called penis fish colloquially, according to the singer who also wrote the lyrics. 🙂

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  1. Die ersten 2 Videos fand ich schon mal super:-)
    Zur Playlist komme ich noch.

    Danke für die Musik.

    Bzgl. Japan: Kashiwa Daiuske, der leider verstorbene Susumo Yokota..
    Auch spannend finde ich Craven Faults neues Album.

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  2. Wow Rabirius such creativity I appreciate you sharing your art and music…very cool ☺️😎🌎💫 you will imagine the most wonderful trip around the world and high above through outer space…thank kindly Hedy 🙋‍♀️🌷

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