Life as a Painting

Life as a Painting

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76 responses to “Life as a Painting”

      • With a group of people from various countries, I often can’t be sure who knows what idiomatic expression. Even between the United States and other English-speaking countries there are differences, so I generally follow the adage “When in doubt, spell it out” (and coincidentally “spell it out” might need some explaining in its own right).


  1. One of my favourites of the ones you’ve posted recently, I particularly like the overlay effect here, like one of those 3D dioramas I used to make as a kid out of shoeboxes with a pinhole in the end.

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  2. This is at the same time so beautiful but also sad. That lonely person in red desires to be a part of something bigger. Now it’s isolation and loneliness.
    I do hope that person has the courage to stand up and step into the world.

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  3. A very deep philosophical question, rabirius. Do we not, as humans, paint the moment. And, much as a photograph, does it not become a memory in our minds instilled forever. Brilliant work, my friend!

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